US Casino Advantage will be the hub for our network of sites. We expect to have this completed by the end of the year. We have eight other Advantage sites. The directory is below. It is in the order that the sites were launched. 

Five of the sites were created after a road trip that we took that covered areas from Cincinnati to Atlantic City. Our blog has 19 posts that cover the adventure that helped us create Advantage sites for Atlantic City, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. 

This site will eventually become the hub for the network. Expanding this site for that purpose is part of our content plan. 

Vegas Advantage

Vegas Advantage is our flagship site. It is where the idea for all of this originated. It launched in April 2018. We moved the Las Vegas Blackjack Survey and Las Vegas Table Game Survey to it in 2021. Previously, we sold this annual project to other websites. Vegas Advantage includes a blog with about 125 posts. 

Deadwood Advantage

We lived near Deadwood, South Dakota for five years. That made Deadwood Advantage a good fit for a second site in the network. This site was published in August 2019. 

Deadwood was the third jurisdiction to have legalized casinos in the country after Nevada and Atlantic City. Many Deadwood gaming establishments are in old stores and taverns. There are a few larger properties along the outskirts of town. 

Colorado Advantage

Colorado Advantage was our third site. We launched it in October 2020. It covers Black Hawk, Central City, Cripple Creek and the state‚Äôs two tribal casinos. Colorado Advantage includes blackjack and table game surveys, as well as a casino dining guide. 

West Virginia Advantage

West Virginia Advantage was our first site east of the Mississippi River. We published it in June 2021. West Virginia Advantage has blackjack and table game surveys. There is also a dining guide that covers what restaurants are open at each property. 

Maryland Advantage

Maryland Advantage also went live in June 2021. It was our sixth site as US Casino Advantage was published earlier the same day. Maryland Advantage includes a blackjack and table game survey, as well as a poker section and a casino dining guide.

Atlantic City Advantage

Atlantic City Advantage was our seventh launch. With 42 pages of content, it was our largest. Atlantic City Advantage has a blackjack survey, table game survey and poker room sections. There is also a dining guide with every open restaurant at Atlantic City casinos. We plan on adding online gaming content to this site for our next project. Atlantic City Advantage went live in August 2021. 

Pennsylvania Advantage

Pennsylvania Advantage was our eighth site on the network. It was nearly as large as Atlantic City Advantage when it went live. It has a blackjack and table game survey, as well as a poker room directory. There is also a casino dining section. We plan on expanding the sportsbook and online gaming sections in the coming months. Pennsylvania Advantage was launched in August 2021. 

Ohio Advantage

Ohio Advantage was our ninth launch. It has a blackjack and table game survey. There is also a poker room and casino dining directory. Ohio Advantage went live in September 2021.

Where we are going from here

We will probably publish a Michigan site next. We only visited eight casinos in that state though, so we will figure out how to approach that. 

In the meantime, we will work on the existing nine sites. We have content ideas for all of them. After creating some blog posts and updating the information on each site, we plan on expanding Atlantic City Advantage. Pennsylvania Advantage will be next. We have come up with more than 100 pages of content ideas across our Advantage sites. It may even be 200 pages. 

Kristina and I (John) are the only people involved with the site, so producing that content takes time. We know that our work will become one of the best resources for casino and other gaming information on the internet. Once we get the online gaming content ready on the Atlantic City Advantage and Pennsylvania Advantage, we plan on getting licensed in those states so that we can continue to expand. We hope to be there by the end of the year.