Advantage Casino Dining Guide

During our travels, eating came with an unexpected issue. It was difficult to know what was open without visiting or looking up each restaurant individually. To help with future visits and help others, casino dining guides were created. These guides include hours and descriptions of the dining options available.

Casino dining guides currently cover Atlantic City, Colorado, Deadwood, Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Click the link within each section to see more details.

Additionally, each Michigan and Ohio casino page lists available options and dining hours, listed by day of the week. Food options include quick bites, casual dining and upscale restaurants. Some Ohio racino locations have trackside dining available.

Atlantic City dining guide

Atlantic City has eleven casinos with a large selection of restaurants. Options include quick bites, casual dining, sports bars and upscale restaurants.

The Atlantic City Casino Dining Guide is split into two sections. The Boardwalk Casino Dining Guide covers the eight casinos along the boardwalk with the three casinos located off the marina in the Marina District Casino Dining Guide. Each guide lists dining options by day of the week. Boardwalk casinos are listed from North to South, so nearby options can be considered as well.

Colorado dining guide

Colorado is home to casinos in Black Hawk, Central City and Cripple Creek. There are also two tribal casinos. Food options vary from quick bites to full-service dining. 

The Colorado Casino Dining Guide is has three sections: Black Hawk Dining Guide, Central City Dining Guide and Cripple Creek Dining Guide. Each section lists dining options by day of the week. So nearby food options can also be considered, the guides list casinos by address. 

Deadwood dining guide

In the Black Hills, Deadwood is home to all of South Dakota’s commercial casinos. Casinos vary in size from small storefront properties on Main Street to larger resorts off the nearby highway.

Each casino property offers at least one dining option. Our Deadwood Dining Guide lists available restaurants that can be found inside casino properties. Restaurant listings are sorted by address, with Main Street casinos grouped together.

Maryland dining guide

Maryland has five casinos located across the state. Quick bites are available at all casinos. Larger casinos also have full-service and upscale restaurants. Ocean Downs has dining options with views of live harness races.

The Maryland Casino Dining Guide lists dining options by casino. Each casino has a section with food details and hours. 

Pennsylvania dining guide

Pennsylvania has fifteen casinos located across the state. Most of the casinos have a large selection of restaurants. Smaller casinos have one or two dining options available. Trackside dining is available at casinos with harness or thoroughbred racetracks.

Options are listed by casino in the Pennsylvania Casino Dining Guide. There is a section with food details and hours for each casino. 

West Virginia dining guide

West Virginia has five casinos. The Greenbrier is accessible only to resort guests and members. Quick bites and casual dining are available at all properties. Some casinos have an upscale dining option.

The West Virginia Casino Dining Guide has a section for each casino. Information includes restaurant details and hours listed by day of the week.