Electronic Table Games Often Offer Better Returns Than Live Ones

Craps ETG at Grand Z Casino in Central City, ColoradoMulti-player craps ETG with community dice

The pandemic and dealer shortage combined to increase demand for electronic table games. These can be heads-up games, multiplayer ones that are all digital, or stadium games that may include a live dealer. We go over the differences between these types of electronic table games here

It is often better to play these games than the live versions. Here are some reasons why.

Electronic table games are faster

Live table games can be a drag. It takes time to shuffle cards, pay winning bets, pick up losing ones, and buy players into the game. The dealer may be slower than average. Players may be distracted or ask the dealer for help over and over. 

Electronic table games speed the action up. Chips are digital and are paid instantly. Players do not need to color up at the end of a session. The machine prints a ticket that may be redeemed in a kiosk without waiting in a line at the cashier. Cards are dealt instantly after bets are made. 

Electronic table games offer lower minimum bets

It is common to find electronic table games with a minimum bet of $1. Some go as low as $0.25, especially for roulette.

It is difficult to find live $5 table games these days. Many of these low minimum bet tables require multiple bets to get into action. Examples of this include Three Card Poker, Let it Ride, and Ultimate Texas Hold’em. Other low limit table games have high house edges, like roulette and 6:5 blackjack.

Electronic table games often offer better paybacks

Many lower limit blackjack tables pay 6:5. Craps games may be crapless, which has a larger house edge than the normal version of the game. Live roulette tables may have three zeros. 

While there are some video versions of the games with the same bad rules, these are often only found in Las Vegas. Video table games in other markets tend to pay 3:2 on blackjack, deal standard craps, and only have one or two zeros on the roulette wheel. 

Players club

Most electronic table games accept a players card. In Las Vegas, most do not earn slot points. However, that is not the case in many other markets.

Video table games can be a good way to earn tier and slot rewards faster than wagering the same amount at a live table game. Players club mailers may be sent based on the higher coin-in played at video tables compared with slot and video poker machines, getting the player rated higher.  

No need to tip at electronic table games

Tipping cuts into the bottom line of lower limit players more than higher limit ones. Electronic tables have no need to tip, unless you are at a live stadium version of the game, or hit a jackpot of $1,200 or more that requires a handpay.  

No dealer errors

Electronic table games don’t make mistakes on a hand. There is no need for it to think about the proper payout. It is made as soon as the winner is declared. Complicated table games can slow down and end up with incorrect payouts due to dealer errors. 

Reason to play live table games over video ones

There are several reasons to play live table games over electronic ones. Many players enjoy the social aspect of having a dealer and other players at the table. The drink service is often better at table games, as well as the drink selection available. 

High limit players have little choice but to play live table games over video tables. That is because a $1,200 win, including cash wagered, triggers a W2G at an electronic table game. At a live one, standard wagers do not create a tax liability until it enters know your customer territory.

Higher limit table games often have better rules than lower limit or electronic ones. For example, the blackjack dealer may stand on soft 17, or there may be only one zero on the roulette wheel.