Gambling in the State of Alaska

While not many, there are some legal gambling games in Alaska. These include tribal bingo, pull-tabs, a state lottery, and events like dog sled races, weather, and salmon migration. Currently, Alaska has not approved sports betting. However, daily fantasy sports contests are permitted. Charity bingo is limited to persons 19 years of age and older.

Gambling in the United States

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Casinos in Alaska

Casinos are permitted on tribal land in Alaska. However, since there is no formal gaming contract, games are limited to bingo and pull-tabs. These games are permitted since charitable bingo games are also approved in the state.

No sportsbooks

Retail and mobile sportsbooks are not licensed to operate in Alaska.

Online gambling options in Alaska

While sports betting is not legal in Alaska, Daily Fantasy Sports contests are permitted. This includes contests through companies like DraftKings and FanDuel. Sweepstakes contests are also allowed in the state.

Live racing in Alaska

Unlike the lower 48 states, racing in Alaska is not held on a standard racetrack. Wagers are permitted on events like salmon classics, king salmon classics, rain classics, goose classics, mercury classics, deep freeze classics, dog mushers’ contests, dog sled races, fish derbies, Calcutta pools, big bull moose derbies, and contests of skill. Charity groups must have these betting pools approved. Also, in order to be authorized for any wagering events, a charity must have operated, at minimum, 3 years prior to approval. Bettors must be at least 18 years of age.

Since simulcast wagering is not permitted on greyhounds or horse races, there are no off-track betting parlors in Alaska. Mobile betting on racing is also not approved.

Iditarod dog race

The Iditarod is held annually in or around March, depending on conditions. Running from Anchorage to Nome, the distance of the race varies. It has taken a 975-mile route during odd years and a total of 998 miles on even years. Additionally, weather conditions may alter the route.

Alaska state lottery

Tickets for Lotto Alaska games may be purchased at approved retail locations and online. There are nearly two dozen physical stores across the state. While inside state lines, players may also purchase lottery tickets online. Players must be at least 18 years old.

Lotto Alaska drawings take place every Sunday at 6pm. One winning ticket will be drawn at random from that week’s purchased tickets. The winning player has until 6pm Monday to claim the prize. They then have a chance to select a window on the Chase the Ace board. If the ace of spades is revealed, the jackpot is won and the game is concluded. Otherwise, a weekly prize is collected and the board continues another week. The jackpot starts at $100,000 and increases each week it is not won.

Tickets cost $2 each. Multiple tickets can also be purchased for a discounted price: 10 tickets for $10; 25 tickets for $20; 75 tickets for $50; or 200 tickets for $100.

The tickets sales are divided accordingly:

  • 20% – Weekly prize
  • 30% – Jackpot Increase
  • 50% – Nonprofit organization/operating expenses

Alaska Gambling FAQs

Are casinos legal in Alaska?

Tribal casinos are allowed to operate in Alaska.

What is the minimum age to play bingo in Alaska?

Bingo players must be at least 19 years old in Alaska.

What types of games are allowed at Alaska casinos?

Tribal casinos are only permitted to have bingo and pull-tab games.

Are table games allowed at Alaska casinos?

No. Table games are not permitted in Alaska.

Are sportsbooks legal in Alaska?

No. Currently, retail and mobile sportsbooks are not approved in Alaska.

Is mobile sports betting available in Alaska?

No. Mobile sports betting is no permitted in Alaska.

What online gambling options are available in Alaska?

Available online gambling options in Alaska include daily fantasy sports contests and sweepstakes games. Lottery tickets may also be purchased online.

Are live horse races held in Alaska?

No. There is no live horse racing held in Alaska.

Are live greyhound races held in Alaska?

No. However, dog sled races are held in Alaska.

Can you wager on simulcast horse races in Alaska?

No. Wagering is not permitted on horse races in Alaska.

Can you wager on simulcast greyhound races in Alaska?

No. In Alaska, wagering is not permitted on greyhound races.

Does Alaska have a state lottery?

Yes. Lotto Alaska is the state lottery in Alaska.

What is the minimum age to play lottery games in Alaska?

Lotto Alaska players must be at least 18 years of age.

Does Alaska participate in multistate drawings?

No. Multistate tickets like Powerball and Mega Millions are not available for purchase in Alaska.

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