Advantage Casino Table Game Surveys

We have table game surveys for seven gaming markets. Each list shows the minimum bet and important rules like craps odds, the number of zeros on a roulette wheel, and what type of pai gow poker is dealt.

Blackjack games are not included on this page. Those are in a special section of blackjack surveys. We cover the minimum bets and rules like the number of decks dealt, double down rules, if the player can surrender, re-split aces, and if the dealer hits or stands on soft 17. It also has the types of blackjack variants dealt in the markets we cover in our Advantage blackjack surveys.

Las Vegas Table Game Survey

The Las Vegas Table Game Survey is what started it all. We started collecting data on the Las Vegas Strip and downtown years ago. These days, we include all locals casinos that deal table games. There are 25 table games covered in the Las Vegas Table Game Survey. This is more than any other casino market that we cover. Many games have a separate page breaking down game and house rules.

Our latest survey has blackjack and table game data. Information includes locations, minimum bets, blackjack rules, craps odds and payouts, pai gow poker variants and the number of zeros on roulette wheels. Included maps of the Strip, Downtown and the Las Vegas valley show locations of table games. This survey is available for $10.

Atlantic City Table Game Survey

There are 19 different table game titles available at Atlantic City casinos along the Boardwalk and in the Marina District. These are all covered in our Atlantic City Table Game Survey. Unusually common games include Criss Cross Poker, Four Card Poker and pai gow tiles. 

All Atlantic City double zero roulette tables have la partage, which means that the player receives half of the bet back if the ball lands on zero or double zero. This rule is not available on single zero wheels in Atlantic City. 

Colorado Table Game Survey

There are 14 different non-blackjack table game titles in our Colorado Table Game Survey. This page covers the casinos in Black Hawk, Central City, and Cripple Creek. Each city has a uniquely different casino market. 

Maryland Table Game Survey

Our Maryland Table Game Survey covers all six casinos in the state. There are 14 different table game titles outside of blackjack. All Maryland casinos deal the usual blackjack, craps, and roulette, but also Three Card Poker and Ultimate Texas Hold’em. A few of the roulette tables are triple zero. 

Horseshoe Baltimore has the highest craps odds in the country. It is 100 times at some of the tables there. 

Ohio Table Game Survey

The Ohio Table Game Survey also has 14 different non-blackjack table games. The selection is similar between each property. Eight table games are dealt at all four Ohio casinos. The two games only available at one Ohio casino are High Card Flush and I Luv Suits, which are essentially the same. Ohio casinos offer crapless craps. The odds at these and traditional craps tables are all 10 times in Ohio. 

Pennsylvania Table Game Survey

The Pennsylvania Table Game Survey covers 15 casinos in the state. There are 22 non-blackjack games between these properties. Unusual games include Caribbean Stud Poker and sic bo. Three Card Poker is the only pit poker game dealt at all Pennsylvania casinos. 

West Virginia Table Game Survey

All five West Virginia casinos are covered in our West Virginia Table Game Survey. There are 14 different non-blackjack titles. Criss Cross Poker and Four Card Poker are among the unusual games. Three Card Poker is the only poker pit game dealt at all West Virginia casinos. 

Four non-blackjack games every state in our survey deals

There are four non-blackjack table games that are dealt in all eight states that we cover. It is dealt at all or nearly all casinos in those states. Those games are craps, Mississippi Stud, roulette, and Three Card Poker. 

Several other games are dealt in the seven states that we cover. For example, there is no pai gow poker or baccarat in South Dakota, but the other seven states have it. Neither Colorado nor South Dakota have High Card Flush. West Virginia casinos deal Texas Hold’em bonus but not Ultimate Texas Hold’em. The other seven states usually choose Ultimate Texas Hold’em over Texas Hold’em Bonus. 

Nine games dealt outside Las Vegas but not in Las Vegas

Table games that are dealt in other markets we cover but not currently offered in Las Vegas: 

  • Bonus 6 Stud Poker: Colorado
  • Cajun Stud: Colorado, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia
  • Caribbean Stud: Atlantic City and Pennsylvania
  • Criss Cross: Atlantic City, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia
  • Flop Poker: Atlantic City
  • Four Card Poker: Atlantic City, Deadwood, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia
  • Poker Burnout: Colorado
  • Sic bo: Pennsylvania
  • Wild Six Card Draw Poker: Colorado

All games covered in Advantage table game surveys

The tables below are all 33 games that are found in our eight table game surveys. It includes the state or states where we found it.

3 Card Blitz NV
Asia Poker NJ NV PA
Big Wheel MD NJ NV PA
Blazing Bullseye NV
Bonus 6 Stud PokerCO
Cajun StudCO PA WV
Caribbean Stud NJ PA
Casino War MD NJ NV PA
Crapless CrapsCO NV OH
Crazy 4 Poker NV OH PA WV
Criss Cross Poker MD NJ OH PA WV
Deuces Wild Stud NV
Flop Poker NJ
Four Card Poker MD NJ PA SD WV
Heads Up Hold’em MD NJ NV PA WV
High Card Flush MD NJ NV OH PA WV
I Luv Suits NV OH
Jackpot Hold’em NV
Let it Ride MD NJ NV PA SD WV
Mississippi StudCO MD NJ NV OH PA SD WV
Pai gow pokerCO MD NJ NV OH PA WV
Pai gow tiles NJ NV PA
Poker BurnoutCO
Sic bo PA
Super Baccarat NV
Texas Hold’em BonusCO NJ NV PA WV
Three Card PokerCO MD NJ NV OH PA SD WV
Three Card Prime NV PA
Ultimate Texas Hold’emCO MD NJ NV OH PA SD
Wild Five Poker NV
Wild Six Card Draw PokerCO

How to play casino table games

This is the list of table games covered at US Casino Advantage. Each page contains the playing rules and differences between different variants. 

There are links to our other nine Advantage sites so that you can find where to play the game in your region. These pages include the minimum bets and local rules. Each game page links to where you can play it in the states we cover on our Advantage sites. 

Some casino table games require skill. Others are based on luck. However, it is important to learn the bets on the table and game rules to get the best value.

This section covers rules and strategies for casino table games like blackjack, craps, and roulette. It will be updated with more as our goal is to cover all table games dealt at casinos included in our network of Advantage sites.


Blackjack is by far the most popular casino table game. Any casino with a pit offers it. 

The object of blackjack is to get as close to 21 without going over, while at the same time beating the dealer. House rules can vary from one casino to another. This includes whether players may double down, surrender, re-split aces, or if the dealer hits soft 17. Our how to play blackjack page has all the details about the game. 

Crapless craps

Crapless craps has appeared on the Las Vegas Strip and in Ohio casinos in recent years. It is different from the traditional version of the game in that there are no don’t pass or don’t come bets at crapless craps. The 2, 3, 11, and 12 are points. The pass line cannot lose on the come out roll. Read more in our section about how to play crapless craps


Craps is a popular game that uses two dice. Most players bet the pass line hoping the player rolls a 7 or 11 on the come out roll or makes the point. There are many other bets on a craps table. Our how to play craps section explains all the bets that you will find at the game and how odds work. 

Let it Ride

Let it Ride is a classic poker table game. Players make three equal wagers. However, only one is at risk as players have the opportunity to pull one or two back or let all ride. The player wins with a pair of tens of better. Read more in our how to play Let it Ride section. 

Pai gow poker

Pai gow poker is a popular game among players looking for a slow pace. Two hands are set from seven dealt cards and played against the banker’s two hands.

There are several pai gow poker variants dealt at US casinos. These include Face Up Pai Gow Poker, Emperor’s Challenge, Emperor’s Challenge Exposed, and Fortune Pai Gow Poker. We cover how each variant is different in our pai gow poker section


Roulette is one of the simplest table games. Players wager on a ball landing on the wheel in their preferred number or set. The payouts depend on how many numbers the player bets. 

There are five types of roulette games dealt in the United States. These are European Roulette, single zero roulette, double zero roulette, Atlantic City double zero roulette, and triple zero roulette. The details of each are available on our page about how to play roulette

Table game FAQ

What is the most popular casino table game?

Blackjack is by far the most common table game found in a casino.

How is crapless craps different from craps?

Crapless craps does not have don’t pass or don’t come bets. A 7 wins on the come out roll. All other numbers become the point. Read more in our craps versus crapless craps comparison article.