How to Play Mississippi Stud Poker

Mississippi Stud Poker is a common casino table game. It is available in most states where casinos are legal. Most regulated online casinos also offer the game. Offshore sites do not have it. It is typically not available in electronic table game forms, except on the internet. Online casinos in Connecticut, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia offer real money and free play Mississippi Stud Poker. 

Mississippi Stud is a poker pit game. It uses a standard 52-card deck. The goal is to make the best poker hand. There is no dealer hand. The player is paid on the hand’s strength. There is no house hand to beat or qualify. Mississippi Stud plays like Let it Ride in reverse. 

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Mississippi Stud Poker bet rules

The first step in playing a hand of Mississippi Stud is making the bet. An ante is required. The side bets on the table are optional. 

Two cards are dealt to the player after placing the ante. There are three community cards. These are in the center of the table. These are used by all players with their two hole cards. 

After seeing two cards, the player has the option of folding or raising one to three times the ante. There is a raise after the first community card is shown. There is another after the second one is displayed. The options are the same. A player must raise one to three times the ante or fold.

The player’s bets push on at least a pair of sixes. A pair of jacks or better creates a win for the player. The ante and all raises are paid based on the following pay table.

  • Royal flush: 500
  • Straight flush: 100
  • Four of a kind: 40
  • Full house: 10
  • Flush: 6
  • Straight: 4
  • Three of a kind: 3
  • Two pair: 2
  • Pair of jacks, queens, kings, or aces: 1
  • Pair of sixes to tens: Push

Mississippi Stud Poker strategy

The strategy for Mississippi Stud Poker is about average for table games. You should raise three times on the first two cards with any pair. You should raise an amount equal to the ante with any card jack or higher, two cards six and higher, and 6/5, according to Wizard of Odds

After the first community card is shown, raise three times on a pair of sixes or better, a three-card royal flush, and several straight flush draws. These include three consecutive suited cards at least seven high, a three-card straight flush with one gap at least jack-high, and a two-gap straight flush at least queen-high. 

Raise one time on the second bet with any three suited cards, a pair of deuces to fives, at least three middle cards or one high card and a middle one, three connected cards at least six high, and a straight draw with a gap but including two cards six and higher. All other hands should be folded here.

After the second community card is shown, the last betting round occurs. Raise three times with at least a pair of sixes, or any four-card flush or outside straight eight or higher. Raise a single amount for all other straight draws, a pair of deuces to fives, and if you have four or more points, as in two cards jack or higher, four middle cards, or a combination of that where jack and higher are two points, and six to ten is one. 

If you raise three times anywhere, stay in the hand with at least three middle cards. This is to try and save the other bets on a good river card. After this round, the third community card is shown. The winner is paid. Hands below a pair of sixes lose all bets. 

Mississippi Stud side bets

There are two standard side bets for Mississippi Stud Poker. At online casinos, the only one available is the 3 Card Bonus. This is the same one found in Three Card Poker. Here are its payouts. Multiply the number by the amount wagered to determine the payout.

  • Royal flush: 50
  • Straight flush: 40
  • Trips: 30
  • Straight: 6
  • Flush: 4
  • Any pair: 1

Note that some live casinos only pay three on a flush. Side bets and other pay tables are usually better at online casinos when compared to live ones. 

Caesars Entertainment casinos in Las Vegas share a progressive Mississippi Stud jackpot. While the 3 Card Bonus can be any amount that meets the minimum bet, this progressive is exactly $5. The pay table is below:

  • Royal flush: 100% of the mega jackpot and $5000 envy
  • Straight flush: 100% of major jackpot and $1500 envy
  • Four of a kind: 100% of minor jackpot
  • Full house: $250
  • Flush: $200
  • Straight: $150
  • Trips: $45

Online casino games like Mississippi Stud Poker

Mississippi Stud Poker is only available at live and regulated online casinos. No offshore casino sites deal the game. You are not able to play it online unless you are in CT, MI, NJ, PA, and WV. While DE has online casinos, the monopoly site does not offer it.

Players in other states have a few options. Let it Ride, often called Let ’em Ride online, is basically Mississippi Stud Poker in reverse. Other common online poker table games include Caribbean Hold’em, pai gow, and Tri Card Poker.

Buying into a Mississippi Stud Poker game

When buying into a live Mississippi Stud Poker game, drop your cash on the table. The dealer will turn it into chips. You will usually receive $5 red chips as the minimum bet is often $5 or $10 for this game. Players may also use chips brought from other table games. You can get change for colored-up chips from the dealer.

At an online casino, you can fund your account easily. Credit and debit cards are a common deposit option at online casinos. You will also find electronic checks, Play+, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Skrill as deposit options. Some states permit cash deposits at casinos or through PayNearMe. The chips automatically transfer to the game when you open the window. 

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Cashing out your winnings

If you play Mississippi Stud at a live table, and still have chips when you want to leave, ask the dealer to color them up. After that, you can either take the chips to the cage for cash or use them at a different table. 

At an online casino, your chips return to your main account, which is usually tied to the related sports betting site and online poker room, if applicable. You can use your chips at other casino games, sports, or poker. 

If you are done gambling, you can withdraw it. Options include the Play+ card, Skrill, PayPal, electronic check, and bank wire. Some states permit checks by mail and cash withdrawals.

Mississippi Stud Poker FAQs

What is the house edge for Mississippi Stud Poker?

When played with perfect strategy, and avoiding the side bet, the house edge is 1.02% when accounting for the raises. 

Can you play Mississippi Stud online?

Most regulated online casinos deal Mississippi Stud. It is legal to play in Connecticut, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Offshore casino sites do not this game.

Do online casinos have live dealer Mississippi Stud?

Mississippi Stud is not a live dealer option at online casinos.

What is the minimum bet for online Mississippi Stud Poker?

The minimum bet for Mississippi Stud online is usually $0.10. It is always $1 or lower.

How old must I be to play Mississippi Stud online for real money?

The minimum age for regulated online casino games is 21.

Last Updated on July 7, 2023 by John Mehaffey