Best Uses for Casino Slot Points

Caesars Rewards players clubCaesars Rewards players club cards

Most casinos have a players club that awards slot points. Other comps include mailers with free slot play, food and hotel rooms. There are many uses for casino slot points. Here are your best options.

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Using slot points for food and retail may be your best option

Before converting your slot points into free play, you should investigate if the casino gives discounts for using them on comps. This may include restaurants, bars, retail stores, or a hotel. For example, Caesars Rewards gives double the value when spending the points on food, drink, or sundries. 

Boyd Rewards used to do this. That policy ended on December 31, 2022. If you can find a casino that does this, you may get up to double the value for your casino players club rewards. Note that restaurants that are not owned by the casino tend to have worse value when exchanging points for food than ones operated by the property’s management group.

Using slot points for free slot play

One of the easiest ways to redeem slot points is at a machine. The players card login system usually has a way to convert points into free slot play on the machine. All it takes is a few button pushes and your PIN. The machine does the rest. At most casinos, you can cash out any winnings after playing it one time. 

When a player uses free slot play on a machine, pushes help clear it. For example, at Jacks or Better video poker, a winning pair will convert the amount wagered in free play into credits that may be cashed out immediately. The same can be said of a push on video blackjack, a 12 rolled from the don’t pass at video craps, or a minimal slot win. 

Free play that is mailed to you works the same way. Some casinos give players the option of using it on a machine 

Using slot points for free table game bets

Using slot points for free table game bets is typically the worst of all available options. Most free table game bets have several restrictions attached. The worst bonus term is often that it may not pay more than even money. If you make the wager on roulette, you can only place it on red/black, odd/even, and high/low. These are even money bets. If you place it on a bet that pays more, you will only be paid the amount of the chip. 

This gives players few reasonable options for a free table game bet when this rule is in place. It is best used on a line bet at craps or at pai gow poker or tiles. 

Another problematic free table game bet rule is what happens on pushes. Most casinos require the player to make another wager, leaving the free bet on the table. This same rule also makes free table game bets worth only about half of the face value. 

If you make a free $25 bet on a craps pass line, and the player rolls a 7 on the come out, your $25 free chip is replaced by a real $25 chip. The house edge was about $0.35 on this bet, yet about half the time it will lose. This makes the theoretical free chip worth only a little over $12.

The same bet on 99% video poker returns $24.75 since the free play is returned in full as real credits, even on a push, along with any win. Some casinos will also pay the free chip with a real one, as opposed to taking it outright. However, these are rare.

Check out online casinos, online sportsbooks, or social gaming point conversions

Many live casinos also have online operations. This may be online casinos, online sportsbooks, or a social gaming site. There may be added value in using your slot points at these sites. At a minimum, you may be able to spend them without leaving the house. This can save on gas and time. For social casinos, you may be able to convert points into ones used on these sites. Your action can help you earn more comps, like free slot play, food, entertainment, or hotel rooms. 

Never let your slot points expire

Many casinos require players to remain active to keep slot points. The typical amount of time is either six, twelve, or fifteen months. Some of these deadlines were extended during the pandemic, but are back to normal times now. Always be aware if your slot points will expire soon. If they will, make sure to use them if it is worth the value of a casino visit. 

A better idea is to never leave the casino with slot points. You never know when the rules may change, and the value is lowered, as Boyd Rewards players found out when 2023 started.