How to Play DJ Wild Live and Online

DJ Wild is a casino table game. As the name implies, deuces and a joker are wild. The game plays in a stud format. The goal of the player is to make the biggest possible hand. The best DJ Wild hand is four deuces and the joker.

We found DJ Wild at Flamingo and Harrah’s in Las Vegas. It is also available at Monarch Casino in Black Hawk, Colorado, Hard Rock Cincinnati, and JACK Cleveland in Ohio.

DJ Wild is dealt by some online casinos. This includes BetMGM, Caesars, DraftKings, and FanDuel.

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DJ Wild rules

A 53-card deck is used in DJ Wild. The extra card is a joker. The player makes a blind and ante bet. The minimum bet at a live casino is usually $5 or $10. At an online casino, it is often only $0.10. The blind and ante must be an equal amount that is individually higher than the minimum bet.

The dealer and player receive five cards. The player looks at their cards while the dealer’s hand remains face down. The player has the option of raising double the ante or folding. If the player folds, all bets are lost. All players are up against the house. The strength of another player’s hand is not relevant.

Once the player acts, the dealer’s hand is displayed. If the player folded, and there are no other active players in the hand, it ends and bets are open for the next one. If the dealer beats the player, the ante, blind, and raise all lose. If the player and dealer tie, an unlikely outcome in DJ Wild, the ante, blind, and raise push.

If the player beats the dealer, the ante and raise win even money. The blind bet pushes on a winning hand of trips or lower. Better hands receive a bonus payout, but only if the player beats the dealer. Multiply the number shown below by the amount wagered to compute the blind bet bonus.

DJ Wild blind bet bonus

  • Four deuces and the joker: 1000
  • Royal flush: 50
  • Five of a kind: 10
  • Straight flush: 9
  • Four of a kind: 4
  • Full house: 3
  • Flush: 2
  • Straight: 1

Trips DJ Wild side bet

The Trips side bet at DJ Wild is optional. The one below is the most common available. Note that there are different payouts for natural and wild hands. The Trips side bet pays on any of the hands shown below, even if the dealer wins the hand. Multiply the number shown by the amount wagered to determine the win.

Wild hands

  • Five wilds: 2000
  • Royal flush: 100
  • Five of a kind: 100
  • Straight flush: 30
  • Four of a kind: 6
  • Full house: 5
  • Flush: 4
  • Straight: 3
  • Trips: 1

Natural hands

  • Royal flush: 1000
  • Straight flush 200
  • Four of a kind: 90
  • Full house: 30
  • Flush: 25
  • Straight: 20
  • Trips: 6

DJ Wild strategy

The strategy for DJ Wild is as simple as it gets for live table games. Raise with a pair of fours or better. The advanced strategy is to fold on a pair of fours if you also hold a three. The Wizard of Odds computed the element of risk at 1.02%. This is the house advantage when accounting for all raises.

Buying into a DJ Wild game

At a live DJ Wild game, place your cash on the table. The dealer will turn it into chips. In most cases, you receive red $5 chips. You may request larger ones.

At an online casino, simply deposit into your account. Once it is funded, your chips move to all games as you open the window. You can receive online casino chips through a variety of methods, including credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Skrill, bank transfers, and cash.

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Turning your chips back into cash

Once you are done playing DJ Wild, it is time to cash out your chips. At a live casino, you should color up at the table. This means receiving the largest chips possible. This helps the casino table game keep its lower denomination chips on the table. Once you have colored up, you can use the chips at another table, or go to the cashier’s cage for cash.

At an online casino, your chips automatically return to your account. You can play a different game, leave your chips at the online casino to play later, or request a withdrawal. Cashout options include the Play+ debit card, bank transfers, Skrill, PayPal, and cash.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023 by John Mehaffey