Advantage Blackjack Surveys

There are seven Advantage blackjack surveys. It all started with the Las Vegas Blackjack Survey. We produced our first one over 10 years ago. We later expanded it to Atlantic City, Colorado, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. 

The information below is a summary of the blackjack in each region. The main blackjack survey is linked in that section. We also have a table game survey directory.

Las Vegas Blackjack Survey

We created the first Las Vegas Blackjack Survey in 2010. It started with the Las Vegas Strip and downtown. By 2018, we had every local casino that dealt blackjack covered. 

Today, there are more than 70 Las Vegas casinos that deal blackjack. We have every table and its minimum bet covered. Most hit soft 17, but some higher limit games stand on it. Most are six or eight decks, but there are double deck games all over the locals market. There is one casino that still deals 3:2 single deck blackjack. Las Vegas has the largest blackjack variant selection in the country. 

Our latest survey has blackjack and table game data. Blackjack rules include surrender, re-split aces, if the dealer hits soft 17, and if blackjack pays 3:2 or 6:5. This survey is available for $5.

Atlantic City Blackjack Survey

Our Atlantic City Blackjack Survey shows where players can find more favorable rules like the dealer standing on soft 17, surrender and re-split aces. It also includes Spanish 21, a variant dealt at most Boardwalk and all Marina District casinos. All Atlantic City blackjack games deal six or eight decks.

Colorado Blackjack Survey

The Colorado Blackjack Survey covers Black Hawk, Central City, Cripple Creek, and the state’s two reservations with casinos. Most casinos in Black Hawk have double deck with double down before and after splitting and six-deck games that add re-split aces.

Spanish 21 and Double Up Blackjack are the only blackjack variants in Colorado. Both are in Cripple Creek. 

Deadwood Blackjack Survey

We do not have a dedicated page to Deadwood blackjack because there is little difference between the games. One notable game is 3:2 single deck blackjack at Saloon No. 10. That game has $5 to $25 limits.

There are a few double deck games. Some permit double down after splitting. The rest of the games use six decks. 

Gold Dust’s six-deck game is the only one in Deadwood that permits re-split aces. Surrender is not available anywhere. Most blackjack pays 3:2. The exceptions are a few single deck games. All Deadwood blackjack hits soft 17.

Maryland Blackjack Survey

There are six casinos in Maryland. The rules and minimum bets vary greatly from one to another. The only double deck blackjack game in the state is at Rocky Gap. The casinos closer to Baltimore and Washington DC tend to have higher minimum bets and worse rules. More details can be found in our Maryland Blackjack Survey.

Ohio Blackjack Survey

There are four casinos covered in our Ohio Blackjack Survey. The other seven casinos in the state may not have table games. Three of the four Ohio casinos offer double deck blackjack. All have a high limit blackjack game that stands on soft 17. Some have two. Free Bet Blackjack and Zappit 21 are among the variants that we found in Ohio. 

Pennsylvania Blackjack Survey

Pennsylvania law requires minimum rules for blackjack games dealt by its licensed casinos. Double down before and after splitting and surrender must be permitted. The dealer must stand on soft 17. The only rule that varies is the number of times pairs may be split, including aces. We have that information, minimum bet and blackjack variants at all 15 casinos in our Pennsylvania Blackjack Survey.

West Virginia Blackjack Survey

Five properties are covered in our West Virginia Blackjack Survey. All games use six or eight decks. There is no uniformity to the rules between each casino. Some stand of soft 17, some hit it. Re-split aces may or may not be available. Spanish 21 is the only blackjack variant that we found in West Virginia casinos.