Differences Between Crazy 4 Poker and Four Card Poker

Crazy 4 Poker table game at Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, NevadaCrazy 4 Poker table game at Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, Nevada

Crazy 4 Poker and Four Card Poker are similar games. The best four-card hand wins each game. Both have the same hand rankings. However, there are many differences between Crazy 4 Poker and Four Card Poker.

Crazy 4 Poker and Four Card Poker are both dealt by casino sites. In some cases, both games are available in the menu. It is rare that you will find both games on the same casino floor. It is usually one or the other. Small casinos are unlikely to deal either game. 

An online casino usually deals these games with a $0.10 minimum bet. At a live casino, the minimum bet is usually $5 or $10. A luxury resort may require $15 or $25. 

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Four Card Poker is missing in Las Vegas

Four Card Poker has not been dealt in Las Vegas since the early 2010s. We last found it at Mandalay Bay at that time. We also did not find it at any Colorado casinos. There is one table of it in Deadwood. It is mostly dealt on the East Coast. Crazy 4 Poker is less common in those markets. However, Crazy 4 Poker in Las Vegas is plentiful. 

The dealer gets an extra card in Four Card Poker

In Four Card Poker, the dealer receives six cards. The player only receives five. This helps offset some of the other Four Card Poker features that are discussed later in this article. One of the dealer’s cards in Four Card Poker is exposed.  

In Crazy 4 Poker, both the player and dealer get five cards. In each game, the cards that help the least are discarded with only four played in the final hand.

The dealer must qualify in Crazy 4 Poker

The dealer must have at least a king-high to qualify in Crazy 4 Poker. If the hand is worse than that, the ante pushes. In Four Card Poker, the dealer always plays. There is no qualifier. That is part of the dealer getting six cards in Four Card Poker.

Crazy 4 Poker has a mandatory side bet

A Crazy 4 Poker player must make two equal bets to get dealt a hand. There is an ante and Super Bonus. The two bets must be equal. A Four Card Poker can make only one bet to get a hand. The options are the ante or the Aces Up side bet. Players may bet both if they wish.

Crazy 4 Poker also has two optional side bets. The choices are Queens Up and Diamondz.

You can play Four Card Poker blindly

There is no need to worry about the strategy at Four Card Poker if you just want to play entirely on luck. You can just make the Aces Up side bet. An ante is not required in Four Card Poker. At Crazy 4 Poker, an ante is required. 

Different side bets

Crazy 4 Poker and Four Card Poker have different side bets. These are all optional. Here are the payouts. Multiply the number below by the amount wagered. 

Crazy 4 Poker Queens Up side bet

  • Four of a kind: 40
  • Straight flush: 30
  • Flush: 7
  • Straight: 4
  • Three of a kind: 3
  • Two pair: 2
  • Pair of queens, kings, or aces: 1

Crazy 4 Poker Diamondz side bet

This bet pays on the number of diamonds between the player’s and dealer’s hands. 

  • 10 diamonds: 1000
  • 9: 400
  • 8: 200
  • 7: 100
  • 6: 15
  • 5: 4
  • 4: 2

Four Card Poker Aces Up side bet

In Four Card Poker, the Aces Up side bet may be placed instead of the ante. If this option is picked by the player, all skill is removed from the game. The hand is paid based on its strength. There are no decisions for the player to make. 

  • Four of a kind: 50
  • Straight flush: 40
  • Three of a kind: 8
  • Flush: 5
  • Straight: 4
  • Two pair: 3
  • Pair of aces: 1

House edge

These two games have similar house edges. When accounting for the raises, the house advantage is 1.09% at Crazy 4 Poker and 1.32% at Four Card Poker.

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