Real Money Online and Retail Sportsbooks in South Dakota

South Dakota voters legalized retail sportsbooks in the state. The constitutional referendum for Amendment B took place on November 3, 2020. The South Dakota Commission on Gaming approved sports betting regulations in August 2021. The first Deadwood sports bet was made on September 9, 2021.

Retail and Online Sportsbooks in the United States

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South Dakota mobile sports betting

Statewide mobile sports betting is not legal in South Dakota. A bill that would have permitted it failed to pass in the 2021 state legislature. An attempt to put mobile sportsbooks on the South Dakota 2022 ballot failed in the legislature. Currently, sports bets must be made at Deadwood or tribal casinos.

Sports betting mobile apps are permitted on the property of the casino. BetMGM intends to offer this feature, which may later help prove to the opposition how safe that form of betting is. Until then, South Dakota sports bettors that would like to make a mobile wager will need to drive to Iowa or Wyoming to do it.

Sportsbooks in Deadwood, South Dakota

The Deadwood casinos that opened sports betting operations on opening day include Cadillac Jack’s, Deadwood Mountain Grand, Gold Dust, Midnight Star, The Lodge and Tin Lizzie. Bets may be made at ticket counters or on kiosks, depending on the location and hours. The maximum bet permitted by law is $1,000. You may find lower limits, depending on the event and sportsbook.

Cadillac Jack’s and Tin Lizzie announced a partnership with BetMGM last month. Gold Dust uses iSports Stand kiosks. Midnight Star partnered with BETKOTA.

Mustang Sally’s once had sports betting kiosks. The owner was caught violating several gaming laws related to sports betting. Mustang Sally’s lost its gaming license.

The pictures on the left and top right are Dale’s Sportsbook at Deadwood Mountain Grand. The casino provided us with those photos. Deadwood Mountain Grand operates an IGT sportsbook under the Dale’s branding. The bottom right is the BetMGM at Cadillac Jack’s. That image was in a press release.

The BetLodge sportsbook opened at The Lodge at Deadwood in 2022. It is located near the table game pit. Here are some pictures of it:

How sports betting became legal in South Dakota

The constitutional amendment changed a few words in section 25 of Article III that cover Deadwood gambling. It added “wagering on sporting events” to the list of games permitted in Deadwood. The previous legal games are craps, roulette, keno, limited card games, and slot machines.

The current bet limit in Deadwood is $1,000, though most casinos cap the action at $100. The gaming commission determined that $1,000 was an appropriate maximum bet for sports betting in Deadwood.

The South Dakota Legislature passed some regulations during the 2021 session. This law was approved as SB 44. It was signed into law by Governor Kristi Noem on March 18, 2021. It does not permit wagers on South Dakota college sports, or any minor or high school leagues. Prop bets on individual college players are not permitted. Bettors must be at least 21 years old.

Approved sports wagers in South Dakota

The South Dakota Commission on Gaming determined technical regulations in August 2021. This included the types of wagers permitted at Deadwood sportsbooks. These are straight bets, parlays, teasers, props, futures and in-play wagering.

Many professional sports leagues and NCAA Division I sporting events are approved. However, betting on South Dakota collegiate teams is prohibited. While allowed on professional sports, player prop bets are not permitted on NCAA sporting events in South Dakota. Wagering on high school sports and equivalent level clubs is also prohibited.

Events approved by the South Dakota Commission on Gaming include baseball, basketball, fighting (MMA, UFC, etc.), football, golf, hockey, Olympic games, racing, rodeo, rugby league, soccer, and tennis.

Types of possible wagers at Deadwood sportsbooks

  • Straight bets: A wager made on one team involving a point spread or moneyline.
  • Parlays: A wager that includes two or more outcomes that must all win to cash ticket.
  • Teasers: Like a parlay, a player receives points added to their side in football and basketball and all sides must win to cash.
  • Proposition bets: This is a bet on specific stats on a player or team or an alternative point spread line or moneyline on a team.
  • Futures: This is where a player picks a winner of a championship, division or conference.
  • In-play: Bets made on an event that is in-progress.

The constitutional amendment also opens the door for sports betting at the state’s reservation casinos. South Dakota tribes would not need to pay taxes on the winnings from sportsbooks. Deadwood operators would pay a nine percent tax, most of which goes towards preserving the historic city.

Deadwood, South Dakota sports betting FAQ

Is sports betting legal in South Dakota?

Yes. Sports betting went live in South Dakota on September 9, 2021.

What type of sports betting is legal in South Dakota?

All the same forms of betting at sportsbooks in other states are permitted in South Dakota, with a few exceptions for amateur sports. For example, bets are not permitted on South Dakota college teams.

Is betting on horses legal in Deadwood, South Dakota?

Yes. However, there are no racebooks. You may place these wagers on mobile apps.

Will South Dakota sportsbooks have mobile betting?

There are no legal South Dakota mobile sportsbooks, except for those used on the property of the casino in Deadwood.

How old will I need to be to bet on sports in South Dakota?

The minimum age to bet on sports in South Dakota is 21.

Which Deadwood, South Dakota casinos have sportsbooks?

Sports betting is offered at Deadwood Mountain Grand, Cadillac Jack’s, Tin Lizzie, Gold Dust, Midnight Star and The Lodge.

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