Best Video Poker and Electronic Table Games in Cripple Creek

All of the casinos offer video poker in Cripple Creek, Colorado. This covers the best video poker that we found in Central City casinos. There is also a section featuring all the electronic table games available in that market. The information was collected in October 2021.

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Cripple Creek video poker

During our October 2021 visit to Cripple Creek casinos, there were seven types of video poker that we found playable. The theoretical payback percentages shown in the following list assume that the player is betting five coins and using perfect strategy.

Games with progressives show the return before accounting for the meters. The two numbers used are the full house/flush payouts in games without wild cards. For Deuces Wild, it is 16/10 for five of a kind/straight flush in Not-so-ugly-deuces and 15/9 for the other Deuces Wild pay table mentioned.

Video poker at Century Casino in Cripple Creek, Colorado

Wizard of Odds was the source for some of the pay table percentages.

Bronco Billy’s

The bad news out of Bronco Billy’s is that the 10/6 Double Double Bonus bar machines are gone. The part of the building where they were was knocked down for a remodel. We did not find the game anywhere else in the casino. The best games left are Not-so-ugly-deuces and 9/7 Double Bonus. Both are available in quarter and dollar denominations. Double Bonus can be played at $5, too. The $1 Double Bonus has a progressive. 

Century Casino

Our top pick for Century Casino Cripple Creek is a five-way progressive for 9/5 Double Double Bonus. It is available in the quarter denomination.

Colorado Grande

The bar games at Colorado Grande are exceptional. It starts at 9/6 Bonus Poker Deluxe. There is also 9/6 Jacks or Better and 8/5 Bonus Poker. The denominations are quarter, half-dollar, and dollar, except for Jacks or Better, which only pays 800/1 on a royal with five coins at the dollar denomination. 

The triple play machines in the back of the casino are your next best bet. It includes 9/6 Jacks or Better, 8/5 Bonus Poker and 9/6 Double Double Bonus. The denominations are quarter, dollar, two-dollar and five-dollar. 

There are three dollar coin games that network into a four of a kind and royal flush progressive. The best game in this bank is 9/6/5 Double Bonus

Double Eagle

There are three bar top video poker machines with quarter and dollar 9/6 Bonus Poker Deluxe at Double Eagle. It is at the downstairs bar. The machines are first, second and fourth from the left. 

Johnny Nolon’s

This friendly Johnny Nolon’s Casino offers two quarter coin triple play machines just inside the casino. The best game is Not-so-ugly-deuces. It also offers 9/6 Jacks or Better. The game shown as Bonus Poker is actually 8/6 Bonus Poker Deluxe. If you are into antique slots and video poker, there are many more available here. Coin slots go up to the $25 denomination. 

Triple Crown Casinos

Brass Ass

There was no notable video poker at the Brass Ass. The connected Midnight Rose and adjacent McGills had better selections.


The top floor has a few machines with some competitive video poker games. These include 8/5 Bonus Poker, 9/7 Double Bonus, 9/6 Double Double Bonus, 15/9 Deuces Wild, 7/5 Super Aces, and 8/6 Bonus Poker Deluxe. The denominations available are quarter, half-dollar, and dollar. 

Midnight Rose

Our top pick at Midnight Rose is 8/5 Bonus Poker and 9/6 Double Double Bonus. It has a progressive for four aces and a royal flush. It is in the quarter denomination.


Our top pick at Wildwood Casino is 15/9 Deuces Wild. It is available in quarter and dollar denominations at the bars. Another notable game is 9/5 Double Double Bonus with five progressive meters. 

Cripple Creek electronic table games

We looked at the available electronic table games when we walked through Cripple Creek. There were three types of electronic gaming we found. Players can enjoy an individual experience on heads-up machines. The dice, cards, or spin only affect an individual’s outcome. Multiplayer machines have multiple player stations. Stadiums have video stations with live dealers also available at some locations. Multiple games may be played at the same time. The speed of other players affects the overall game speed for multiplayer and stadium gaming.

Electronic table games found


Baccarat was available in both a stadium version at Bronco Billy’s and a multiplayer version at Triple Crown Casinos. The minimum for both was $5. The stadium maximum was $500. The max bet on the multiplayer machine was $100. It is also available on the Casino Wizard machines at Century Casino. The limits were $1 to $300.

Big Wheel

Big Wheel was available at Bronco Billy’s in stadium form. The limits were $1-100.


At Bronco Billy’s, stadium blackjack games were available with a minimum bet of $3 and a max of $225. Multiplayer blackjack was available at three other casinos. Double Eagle offers a $1 minimum. The others start at $2. Max bet is $100 at Double Eagle, $225 at the Brass Ass, and $230 at Century. 


Craps is available in all three forms. They all have a minimum bet of $1. Century, Double Eagle, and Wildwood offer heads-up machines with a max bet of $100. The stadium version at Bronco Billy’s has a max bet of $2,000. A max bet of $1,000 is available on the multiplayer version at Triple Crown Casinos. The Casino Wizard machines at Century also offer craps. The limits were $1-300.


Stadium 00 roulette is available at Bronco Billy’s. The minimum bet is $3 with a max bet of $100. The five locations with multiplayer roulette offer varying minimum and maximum bets. The lowest minimum bet and highest maximum can be found at Century, $0.25-10,000. 00 Roulette at Wildwood begins at $0.50, Bronco Billy’s at $3 and Double Eagle and Brass Ass at $1. The max bet at the Brass Ass is $5,000; Double Eagle is $3,000; Bronco Billy’s is $2,000 and Wildwood’s max bet is $100. It is also available on the Casino Wizard devices at Century for $1-300.