How to Decide Whether to Play Live or Video Craps

Craps feltCraps felt

Craps is becoming a popular electronic table game. Video craps comes in many forms. There are many similarities and differences between it and live craps.

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Live craps has more energy

There is no doubt that live craps is more exciting than the video version. Nothing replaces the energy of a hot dice table. Hitting a few points or hardway bets can bring on cheers heard throughout the casino. 

Picking up the dice, shooting them, throwing chips around, and hearing the dealer calls, are all part of the excitement of a live craps game. Some video craps games may have real dice, and some even allow players to touch and shoot them. However, the live craps experience can never be replaced by a machine. 

Higher maximum odds at live craps

If a casino has live and electronic craps, the live game usually offers higher maximum odds. When it is not higher at a craps table, it is the same. Most craps machines only permit double odds. A few are triple odds. Live tables are usually 3-4-5 times, 5 times, 10 times, or 20 times. 

W2G taxables can occur at electronic craps

Players who make large bets should not play video versions of the game. The reason for this is the IRS requires a W2G tax form to be issued to players who receive a $1200 payout because video craps is considered a slot machine. It does not matter how much of the payout was the original bet. This is not a problem at a live table. 

If the player bets $50 on a 2 and it hits, the 30/1 payout makes it $1500, and a taxable is coming in that amount. If you bet $600 on the pass line and win, your $1200 payout requires a W2G, even though half of it was your money. 

Video versions have lower minimum bets

One of the most noticeable differences between live and video craps is the minimum bet. Live craps starts at $5 these days. It can be $10, $15, $25, or even $50. Electronic craps starts at $1. It is usually under $5. Only hybrid versions are ever over $5.

Video craps usually pays double on a field 12

The field nearly always pays double on a field 12 on craps machines. About half of Las Vegas casinos, and others across the country, pay triple on a field 12

Buy 4 and 10 bets pay less on video version 

Most casinos take a $1 commission on buy 4 and 10 wins on bets up to $25 and $2 up to $50. This is based on rounding from a 5% commission on the bet. Video craps machines usually charge 5% of the win. That adds up. For example, a $25 bet pays $49 at most live tables and $47.50 at video ones. 

Bet odd amounts on video craps

Live craps games dumped chips under $1 at craps games when limits got to $5. Place bets and odds must be proper amounts. For example, placing the 6 and 8 should be in increments of $6. Odds on the 5 and 9 must be even at a real craps table. 

Video craps games make payouts down to the penny. Bets can be any amount that meets the minimum bet and is in dollar increments. Keep in mind that some slot ticket kiosks don’t pay out change. The coin shortage was used as an excuse to end stocking kiosks. You may need to cash the ticket at the cage if you have change or else you will end up with a ticket for the coins.

Most electronic tables are faster

Craps players looking for a faster game may prefer the electronic version. These machines are usually faster than a live craps table. However, that is not always the case. Shoot to Win Craps machines have two different timers. One is for the period of making bets. The other is for the player with the dice to push the button that bounces them in the bubble. This can take over 30 seconds, even if nobody made any new bets. At a live game, if there are no new bets, the dice move quickly.

The solution for craps players who want a fast game is to play the heads-up version. Players can roll the dice as quickly as they want. There are no other players slowing the game down and no timer for bets. You make all your bets and go right to the roll.

Differences between Easy Craps and crapless craps

There is a new electronic dice game called Easy Craps. It is like a live crapless craps game. However, there are two major differences.

In crapless craps, the player can’t lose the pass line on the come out roll. A 7 wins and everything else becomes the point. This is also true of Easy Craps. 

At crapless craps, there is a come bet. This is the same as the pass line, except that a point is already established. Easy Craps machines do not have a come bet.

A live crapless craps table offers buy bets on the 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, and 12. The house takes 5% of the bet size on wins. For example, the true odds on a 2 or 12 is 6/1. If a player bets $20 on one and it hits, the payout is $120, minus $1 for the 5% commission. Easy Craps does not have buy bets. The player must make place bets, which exponentially increases the house advantage on these numbers.